Rocky’s Story
by Rocky

After having struggled to maintain her eyebrows for years, she heard about this amazing new technique that would provide a permanent solution to brow sparsity, without the pain or harshness of tattooing. Rocky jumped at the chance to try it, and immediately saw amazing results.

I never expected an eyebrow treatment could change my life, but that was exactly what happened when I experienced 3D Hair Strokes for the first time.
Rocky Syfert
3D Hair Stroke Specialist

Rocky was incredibly inspired by her 3D Hair Strokes treatment. No longer did she have to worry about spending time with makeup every morning, trying to get her brows looking perfect – they looked natural, but defined and shaped perfectly, and they only required a small touch-up once a year. After experiencing these amazing results firsthand, Rocky decided she had to learn this technique herself, so that she can provide this life-changing service to women throughout the Tampa Bay area.


Only believing in the best for her clients, Rocky trained personally under Parneet Kaur (NEEZIIEBABIIE), the owner of Threaded Beauty, a 3D Hair Strokes salon with locations in California and Nevada, and the leading expert on the 3D Hair Stroke treatment. Learning from such a respected expert in this technique gave Rocky the confidence to pass on this skill to others who are struggling with their brows.

After finishing her training, Rocky opened Infinite Browz, because she wanted a location solely focused on providing her customers with a newfound confidence in their eyebrow appearance through 3D Hair Strokes, just like it did for her.

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