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Eyebrow trends for women have changed throughout our world’s long history, but one thing remains the same: they’ve always been one of the most important key to a complete beauty look. Even in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome and Egypt tended to their brows attentively, giving them the arched styles that were so popular at the time. In our modern era, brow trends have varied wildly from one decade to the next. Here’s how stylish women have worn their brows in some of our favorite modern historical eras.

1920’s – Women in the ‘20s liked their brows thin and straight, yet still very strong. These women were finally experiencing freedom in society’s changing beauty standards and took pride in penciling in their eyebrows each morning to perfection. These brows were very long and stayed straight until they hit the outer corner of the eye, at which point they curved downward in a dramatic arch.

1930’s – While the general shape of the desired brow look for women remained the same for much of this era, the look became much lighter and thinner. Stars tweezed their brows to perfection with a very dramatic arch to perfectly frame their eyes on camera.

1950’s – Brows for this era were full and strong to match the dramatic makeup trends of the time. After all, what better way to complement a signature red lip than with a luscious brow and perfectly lined eye? Many of the era’s most admired women sported full brows, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t maintain them. To the contrary – these brows usually featured a very high arch to lift the face and flatter the bone structure.

1970’s – For the first time, women began to really let their brows run wild in this era as a rebellion against traditional beauty standards. Brows were full, dark and fluffy with a very minimal arch that complemented any woman’s natural beauty. In fact, many stars during this time didn’t maintain their brows at all. They just let them run wild and free.

1980’s – The trend for brows in this era was none too different than we see on many stars today – full and bushy with a slight arch and square inner corner. For women with naturally thick brows, it was exciting to finally let them run free and for those who weren’t so blessed, eyebrow pencils became their best friends.

1990’s – Brow trends changed dramatically in the ‘90s, as style stars started rocking thin, heavily plucked brows yet again. However, unlike the brows of early 20th-century icons, these maintained a more natural shape with less penciling.

When it comes to eyebrow trends, you don’t necessarily have to stay in the lines. Go with the style that makes you happiest and flatters your face.

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Rocky Syfert / Infinite Browz Blog / 0 Comments
Rocky Syfert / Infinite Browz Blog / 0 Comments

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