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3D Hair Strokes is not only a convenient and easy way to have amazing, low-maintenance brows, but it can also really boost a woman’s confidence and make her feel good about herself. One of the most amazing applications of 3D Hair Strokes is the ability to give eyebrows back to cancer patients who have lost theirs to chemotherapy treatment. While cancer treatment has come a long way over the last few decades, it is still a horrifically draining process, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Even for cancer patients who are in remission, it can be very difficult to feel confident about any aspect of your body when it has just been put through such a turbulent and painful experience. 3D Hair Strokes provides a way to help patients start to feel a little better and take one step closer to normal again by having stunning eyebrows. Although this is just one small thing, it can be an incredibly positive treatment and provide cancer patients with confidence and motivation just when they need it the most. Infinite Browz’s Rocky Syfert is continually inspired by the strength and resilience of the cancer patients that she has treated.

3D Hair Strokes is an ideal way for cancer patients who have experienced hair loss to have eyebrows again for a few reasons. First, it looks very, very natural, and you can choose the shape and color of the brows that you want. You can choose to match your natural brow look, or you can go with something stronger and more defined – whatever makes you feel the most confident. Second, although this treatment is very long-lasting, it is not permanent. The treatment uses microblading to insert pigment just under the skin. This pigment stays in place for roughly one year before needing a touch-up, and will fade over time if not maintained. This way, if the eyebrows do start to grow back, the treatment will fade, unlike a tattoo.

Although a 3D Hair Strokes treatment takes just a few hours, the results can have a positive impact that lasts much longer than that. Rocky is extremely passionate about helping women from all walks of life look and feel their best, and no one deserves this more than those who have endured the struggle of cancer. To schedule an appointment, call (813)-999-0575, or visit our appointments page.

Posted by:Rocky Syfert
Rocky Syfert / Infinite Browz Blog / 0 Comments
Rocky Syfert / Infinite Browz Blog / 0 Comments
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