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If you want thicker, fuller brows that look completely natural and require minimal maintenance, 3D Hair Strokes is an innovative new service that will help you achieve this. It is done by applying semi-permanent pigment to the first few layers of the skin with a small shaping tool, and leaves you with small strokes that look exactly like eyebrow hair. The process is quick and easy, with the treatment taking only about two hours, and 3D Hair Strokes only require touch-ups once per year.

3D Hair Strokes is the perfect solution for those who struggle with sparse or ill-defined brows. They are also a great solution for those who have experienced hair loss, but don’t want to go through the harsh process of tattooing. With 3D Hair Strokes, there’s no more wasting your time with makeup every morning – you’ll wake up with brows you love.

Prior to your treatment, we will consult with you to determine what color and shape are best for your brows. We want to help you achieve a full, yet natural look. The procedure is only mildly uncomfortable, which makes it a great alternative to tattooing for those who want to avoid pain. After the treatment, it takes a little over a week for the brows to heal, and they will fade to a soft, natural look after about a month. . If you have been struggling with your eyebrows, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.

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    by Rocky
    3D Hair Stroke

    If you are looking to make a huge positive change in your eyebrows, this is the service for you. This comprehensive service includes an initial consultation, during which Rocky will decide what brow shape and color look best for you, and then Rocky will redefine your eyebrows. Before leaving Rocky will recommend oils you need for after the treatment to maintain you’re beautiful new brows.


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    by Rocky
    3D Touch Up

    Since the pigment used in 3D Hair Stroke treatments is semi-permanent, it does fade slightly over time. Rocky strongly recommends a touch-up treatment every year to keep them in amazing condition. During this service, Rocky will add pigment to areas that have faded. This treatment takes under an hour.

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